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aminEAU shrimp

aminEAU shrimp is a new blend of natural protein ingredients, formulated especially to improve the performance of shrimp feeds.

We innovate with an exclusive hydrolysis technology and the ingredient is treated at a low temperature, increasing its nutritional properties.

Product details

With an integrated production, we are able to process constantly fresh raw materials, with no addition of flavorings, colorings or genetically modified organisms.


Chicken guts, pork liver, chicken giblets, chicken meat, antioxidant (bha, propyl gallate, citric acid), antifungal (calcium propionate) and anti-wetting agent (bentonite and aluminium silicate).

Benefits for Aquaculture Applications

  • High digestibility
  • High protein content
  • Bioactive peptides
  • Water quality
  • High attractivity
  • Low ash content
  • Balanced amino acid profile

Technical Summary

Typical analysis
Crude protein: 75%
Digestibility (pepsina 0,0002%): 95%
Ash: 5%


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