Natural Chicken & Pork Flavours

Product made from raw product of animal origin without addition of colorants, preservatives and condiments with highest-quality and freshness. Our products rank high in mouthfeel, adding a flavor boost to any savory application without synthetic ingredients.

Soy Proteins

Grains rigorously selected, high quality and high nutritional value and with excellent functional and sensory characteristics. Its’ potential in meat and non-meat ingredient applications due to its’ extensor function, texture, fluid retention and emulsion.

Vegetable Fats

Our products have been developed through blends of vegetable fats and specials oils to attend food industries within a complete product portfolio for industrial applications. Functional properties of our fats include an intense and agreeable flavor, high gloss and texture, and a long shelf-life. With this, we can guarantee a superior nutrition and functional profile.


Our breaded flours were developed by extrusion process of natural raw material enriched with nutrients and vitamins specifically formulated for inclusion as an ingredient in food applications as filling and breading of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables, among other uses.


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