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Soy Proteins

We use 100% soybean sources as a basis for all our soy protein products, which are heat treated with best-in-class technology in-house. With consistent high-quality and nutritional value, our soy proteins have functional and sensory characteristics which maximise its potential in meat and non-meat ingredient applications due to its extensor function, texture, fluid retention and emulsion.

Technical specifications

Benefits for Food Ingredients Applications

  • High power of absorption
  • Improves consistency
  • Improve texture in a finished product
  • Product 100% soy, no-cholesterol, no-lactose and gluten-free
  • Minimum protein content of 50%

Technical Summary

appearance enzymes
Granulated Powder Viscous liquid Active Inactive
Soy Protein Textured
Soy Protein Textured
Soy flour Defatted
Soy flour Defatted
Soy Protein Textured with Poultry Skin
Soy Protein Textured with Poultry Skin
White Soybean Meal


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