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Chicken Protein Hydrolysate

BRF Ingredients’ Chicken Protein Hydrolysate is a new, natural protein ingredient formulated especially to improve the performance of pet food. It is produced through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis, which results in smaller chains of amino acids (peptides).

Product Details

With an integrated value chain, we are able to process fresh ingredients, without addition of flavours, colouring or GMOs. We have innovated with an exclusive hydrolysate technology, and the ingredient is treated at low temperatures, maintaining the integrity of its nutritional properties.


Chicken offals, chicken liver and giblets, chicken meat, antioxidant (BHA, popyl gallate, citric acid), antifungal (calcium propionate) and anti-wetting agent (bentonite and aluminium silicate).


Benefits for applications in Pet Food

  • High digestibility: more metabolic energy, better physical vigour, less fecal volume
  • High palatability
  • Low ash content
  • High protein content
  • Hypoallergenic

Technical Summary

Crude Protein: min. 75%
Digestibility: min. 95%
Ash: max. 8%


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